Capturing one's natural essence while celebrating life's events


Beverlie Lord took the photographs of Mentors, Inc.'s anniversary celebration and graduation banquet this year and for the first time, enabled us to capture in images the truly moving, inspiring event that it is.  Ms. Lord's photographs communicate the joy of the evening, the excitement of our graduates, and those unexpected, quirky and magical moments that all of us want to capture to share with others.   Ms. Lord has a special eye for the beauty and humanity of the people she photographs, making her prints truly personal and evocative souvenirs of any event.  We are looking forward to engaging her for next year's event.

Mona Sanders | Executive Director | MENTORS, INC.

 Beverlie's work is stunning.  Her eye for composition and her ability to capture people at precious and genuine moments is incredible. Whether she knows it or not, she is now the official photographer for all of my events.

Kaya Henderson | VP of Strategic Partnerships | The New Teachers Project

I know my husband told you already but I had to let you know myself...I LOVE THE PICTURES.   As a matter of fact EVERYBODY loves them!! Mygirlfriend said she couldn't reply to the email, she HAD to call to tell me to say how great they are.  Everyone keeps talking about how you really captured those "moments".  They are absolutely amazing.  I love them.  Great work as usual :-) Thanks.

Tanya Kilpatrick | mother of one

"I have now used Satsun photography for two events that I have sponsored in the DC area for our alum and for prospective students.  I can't express how pleased I have been with the photographs that were produced from the events.  My work is to introduce new students to the idea that Allegheny is a warm and inviting place, full of interesting and unique people.  With just that description, Satsun has captured moments and individuals in photos that tell this story for me.  I continue to use the photos in publications and during presentations, because they say so much more than I can put into words.  Satsun is my photographer of choice and I look forward to an expanding relationship as we further develop our efforts in DC."

Terrence Mitchell | Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity | Allegheny College

WOW! is all can say at what a wonderful job Beverlie' has done creating our pictures. We had a great day to shoot on and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Beverlie' does an amazing job at taking an ordinary shot and turning it into an extraordinary piece of art. The way she can take the simplest picture and make it come to life is truly a talent. My friend has talked about her for sometime and always sends pictures she has taken of his family. This was our first meeting, but based on - if first impressions mean anything, I believe my wife and I have a photographer for years to come especially with a baby on the way.  We can't wait to take those pictures. To anyone needing a great photographer, Beverlie' definitely has our vote. There is not one picture we did not like. To Beverlie', we give you much praise and wish nothing but success.

Sincerely Yours,  

Gregg & Lisa Picket |  family session

When Jeremy and I decided to capture our first pregnancy on film, we could have never imagined results as remarkable and complete as these.  To say "thank you" for the memories she has given us doesn't begin show our sincerest appreciation.  Beverlie' was able to extract our passion, love and excitement for each other and our first pregnancy and reflect it all in our pictures.  Our daughter will look back at the album and know how much we loved her and each other before she was even born.  I can say that it's because of Beverlie's engaging and comfortable personality that Jeremy and I were able to relax and let the true essence of us shine through during the photo session.  We will only look to Beverlie' for capturing our precious life moments and encourage everyone we know to do the same.  Her talent is truly a gift that is to be shared with the world.

Our sincerest appreciation, 

Jeremy & Makeda | family session

"To say that I love the photographs you took is a vast understatement.  I am amazed by your ability to capture the personality of my fast-moving 4 year old.  In each of the photographs I see the distinct moods, quirks, thoughts and emotions of my daughter -- the exuberant child I interact with every day illuminated through your fotos as the multi-faceted person she is becoming.  I was looking for 'good pictures' as a record of this time in her life.  What I got was so much more. 

Thank you thank you thank you!"

Paige Snider | family session

 "Thanks so much Beverlie for a wonderful photo shoot!!! We love our photos, and our friends and family are already raving over your work. 

Rochelle and Jay | family session

Satusun Photography generously donated time and talent to document Rooting DC 2009, a forum for urban gardeners and greeners that was attend by 350 people. As an all volunteer event, we experienced varying degrees of commitment and effort from many people who signed up to help out. Beverlie's professionalism never wavered and sh|e treated us just like paying clients. What I appreciated most (besides the incredible photographs) was Beverlie's ability to work without direction in a very hectic and bustling environment. The day long event featured more than a twenty speakers and panelists who presented in 15 workshops and occupied almost an entire building. Needless to say, Beverlie's take charge attitude was much appreciated. Although she worked independently most of the time, she also checked in with me at regular intervals to ask if there were particular people or scenes that we wanted pictures of. This was a life saver for me because in all the movement and excitement of the day it would have never occurred to me to grab her and say “Hey, please get a shot of so-and-so doing this or these two folks together” She also used her keen eye and observation skills to pin-point key players and volunteers and made sure to get pictures of all of them! The photographs, of course, are priceless! From birds eye views of the whole group of 350 at lunch to more intimate shots (including me hugging a friend from high school whom I haven't seen in years!) she used the beautiful setting and streaming sunlight capture the joy and excitement we were all experiencing. You can almost hear the learning and connecting going on! We are ever grateful for the beautiful images and incredibly generous donation.

Katie Rehwaldt | America the Beautiful fund

 “On Valentine’s Day 2009, my friends and I broke the Guinness World Record for Most Kisses in a Minute at an event we called Kiss Cancer Goodbye, a fundraiser for The Wellness Community. We invited Beverlié Lord to serve as the official photographer, and she exceeded our high expectations. Beverlié blended in with our crowd of 150 and captured the magic of our night in her photographs. Each one showed the whimsy, joy and fun of the night with gorgeous color and light. Any individual, family or organization would be fortunate to have Satsun Photography behind the lens for your special day.”

Deborah A. Gist | State Superintendent of Education

Beverlie Lord with Satsun Photography was one of the best decisions we could have made for our wedding! Her great attitude, energy, and desire to capture beautiful photos showed throughout the shoot. She captured every moment from make-up to our first kiss as husband and wife! I could not have asked for a better photographer and will not hesitate to use her again for any other momentous occasion in our lives.

Shahidah Abdul-Lateef | the bride

You're amazing - we LOVE the photos. I keep looking at them. I've been taking pics regularly of the little guy and so has Stephen, but to have your gifted eye capture this time for us is an incredible gift that we'll treasure always. The family portraits are beautiful, full of love and completely in the moment (we're in it, as you put it so well!). while at the time I was embarrassed I actually love that you captured mateos scratched face and baby skin rash - somehow you made it all beautiful, without airbrushing away the realities of mateo's transition into the world. In that way, each photo tells so much about this time in his life. It's moving by fast, so thanks for documenting our now before it flies to then... What a generous gift you've given for Mateo and us. Thank you!!!

Kate and Stephen | family session

I hired Beverlie Lord of Satsun Photography to cover my birthday celebration this year. A birthday isn't necessarily an event that always requires professional photography. But it was a milestone year, so I wanted to capture the memories of the event with high quality photos. I also realized that even though I like to take pictures, as do some of my friends, it takes away from time spent interacting with others and enjoying the food and music if you are also trying to capture images. Besides, if a guest is taking the picture, that guest isn't IN the picture. I knew I could expect higher caliber photos than those that friends would take, but I was completely overwhelmed when I saw the photos from my event. Her work captured nearly every individual who attended and hundreds of moments I would have completely missed. So much of the emotion, excitement, and atmosphere came through in these shots. Even the nature of the relationships among the partygoers was shown. Additionally, the technical quality of her work was incredible. Finally, she was a delight to work with from start to finish. I truly could not be happier with the results. I definitely will contact her again for future events (whether social or business), portraits, and any other photography needs.

Erin Dozier | Jul 23, 2010, Family session

Dear Beverlie,

Jony and I really can’t thank you enough for your amazing work on photographing our wedding. I wept tears of joy when I saw the photos online for the first time. They are so beautiful. And my friends and family are still talking about how impressed they are with your work! They can’t stop commenting on how well you captured the joy and love of that day, and I just smile with happiness. I feel beyond grateful that these images are now a part of our lives.

I loved your fun and natural vibe as you took both candid and posed photos. You got the images you wanted without ever being intrusive. I also loved the little touches you added, like photographing the note my friend left for me, the flowers and the rings, and even the signs leading up to Prospect Park where our wedding was. It shows that you understand how to really capture the day fully! The montage of me hugging just about everyone at the event is astounding, and there are so many amazing photos of the wedding guests looking gorgeous. You really have a gift, and I’m so happy you shared it with us!!


Philippa and Jony | Married 9/25/10, Wedding

“Beverlie has been taking our family photographs for many years and has also worked for Women for Women International. She is a brilliant photographer and a woman of creativity, style, and substance.” December 8, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2009, and hired Beverlie more than once


Andree Simon | COO,  Women for Women international

“Beverlie has such an eye for finding the beauty in each individual she photographs. I have watched her work over time and she continues to surprise me with her attention to details and what makes each person unique. Her subjects just come alive and glow! A very gifted artist.” December 8, 2012

Eileen WasowSenior Curriculum Advisor, CentroNia

“Beverly is a creative soul with a passion for event and portrait photography. She did an amazing job capturing "First Mondays", the event our NGO produced in Washington, DC. She was very easy to work with and diplomatic in how she handled our guests. I recommend her without reservation.” December 8, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2010

Dan Schneider

“Beverlie is a fabulous photographer! She has the ability to work well with people of ages, ethnicity & cultures, and excels at large business events, intimate family portraits and everything in between. She is a complete pleasure to work with and brings out the best in her clients, capturing their true essence. I recommend her with 100% confidence.” December 8, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2011, and hired Beverlie more than once


Julia Baer-Cooper

“I've known Beverlie for almost 15 years when we worked together at an arts based education center. This was before she started her photography professionally, and it has been a thrill to watch her talents and profession take off.

I have know dozens of people who have contracted her for portraits or professional events, and all have sung her praises. Her work speaks for itself. When you look at her photos you can see that she captures individuals and their personalities. She also has a knack for relating the interpersonal dynamics happening in the moment of families and events in her work.

But the results alone are not what make her such a special photographer, it is the process that yields them that I think sets her apart. Often people comment on the nature of her work and her presence during the shoot that impresses. She has a way of "being" in the space without "occupying" it. She wants people to be free to be themselves. As a result she does very little if any staging, and this allows her to capture the moments in life that jump off the page.” December 8, 2012

Josh ChristiansonYouth Development Coordinator, CentroNia

“Beverlie is great to work with and a talented photographer. We loved the way she handled our kids and turned out many charming pictures that caught their personalities. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to capture special family memories.”December 8, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2006, and hired Beverlie more than once


David Paschane, Ph.D.

“Beverlie is an excellent photographer who makes one feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her consistency in her in work shows that she really has a passion for her subjects and the camera. I enjoy working Satsun Photograph and would highly recommend this company.” December 9, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2007, and hired Beverlie more than once


Tiponya Gibson

“Beverlie's effort, creativity, personality and results were above and beyond our expectations for our wedding. Her product is first-rate. I am sure she can handle any and all projects.” December 9, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2010


W. Andre Bellamy

“Beverlie has always projected depth of sincerity, sensitivity,professionalism and caring in her work.  Have no hesitation ins recommending her” 

December 9, 2012

Leon Roach-LordConsultant (Retired), L Roachlord Associates Inc

“Attention Please: This is not your average photographer! Beverlie has a great eye and has the ability to capture the moment unlike anyone else I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Beverlie is a professional in every aspect of the word and does great work in any environment and with any type of focal point (subject she is shooting i.e. objects, adults, children). It is truly amazing to see the finished results and to watch her work. She photographs moments with feeling and expression and I would highly recommend her for any type of work you are thinking about.” December 10, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative and hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2002, and hired Beverlie more than once


Jon Procunier

“Beverlie has an amazing ability to capture people as they really are in a professional creative way and make the photo come to life. Her business accumen is top notch. Her ability to work with many different people and types of businesses truly puts her at the top of her field. Would highly recommend her services.” December 16, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative and hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2008, and hired Beverlie more than once 

Rose Donna

“Beverlie's creativity and personal commitment to our wedding really shaped our day into an amazing experience. She provided versatility and a distinctive feel to every shot, which was able to capture the most memorable moments of our lives. I highly recommend Beverlie Lord as a photographer and look forward to using her services again in the future!” December 12, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Alexandra Hursh-Cesar

“Beverlie is a very professional and creative photographer. She is an expert at bringing out the best in her subjects (even the inanimate subjects). If you seek a professional, results oriented photographer Beverlie Lord @ Satsun Photography is the choice.”December 12, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Jennifer Davis

“Beverlie has provided wonderful, personal family photos on more than one occasion. She is insightful + excited about her work, obvious while discussing + during the actual shoot as well as the gorgeous photos she provides. Her stunning personal style also lends an intimacy to the occasion + the product. So many great shots of our family, including the pets. Thank you Beverlie!” December 11, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative and hired Beverlie as a Photographer in 2006, and hired Beverlie more than once


Ali Kooistra Breen


“Beverlie's ability to capture the authentic self of each of her subjects is amazing, you are able to see, feel and experinece the essence of her art form. She produces superlative work, with a smile and a overwhelming sense of peace. Choose Satsun Photography!” December 10, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Traci Leaphart, CIR

“Beverlie is truly able to bring out the best in people. Her easy-going and genuine style puts people at ease and encourages their true nature to come to the surface. Bev is able to capture that. In her photographs you will see the inner and outer beauty of a person, and I believe that is a rare quality in a photographer. She has taken many photographs of our family over the years, and they are my very favorites. This is reminding me that I need to set up a session very soon!” December 19, 2012

Maggie Biscarr (client)

We LOVE Beverlie’s work and always get raving compliments about the photos we display -her skill and creativity make for a remarkable combination in a professional photographer

January 9, 2013
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Amy Paschane, PhD (client)
Beverlie has generously donated her time and her talents 5 years in a row to help us document the annual urban gardening conference, Rooting DC. As a free, all volunteer run event, having Satsuns expert photographic skills available to us has allowed us to capture the enthusiasm of our presenters and excitement of our attendees and share it with the world. The images we are able to post via social media and in press packets have helped us to gain vital support from local businesses and new gardener attendees every year!!

December 28, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Katie Rehwaldt (client)
Beverlie is an amazing photographer. It’s amazing to watch her work. She has great energy and we have enjoyed her level of enthusiasm and passion for producing great images. What I enjoy most is she is very willing to “color outside of the lines” when composing which provides an additional element of fun to the process.”

December 17, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Harry Lawson, Jr. (client)
Beverlie has an amazing ability to capture people as they really are in a professional creative way and make the photo come to life. Her business acumen is top notch. Her ability to work with many different people and types of businesses truly puts her at the top of her field. Would highly recommend her services.

December 16, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
— Rose Donna (client)
We have worked with Beverlie many times and each time, I am delighted to see the results. Her pictures are thoughtful, emotive and powerful. Great work.

January 7, 2013
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
— Sean Breen (client)
Beverlie has an eye for catching the spark in everyday moments. Her candids are right there. Unobtrusive photographer, excellent photographs.

December 27, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Brett Keyser (client)
Beverlie is both a gifted photographer and innovative entrepreneur. Her portraits capture, as few photographers could, the joy and beauty of her subjects—her portraits reveal an essential vitality within her clients. She is an accomplished artist and excellent businesswoman, and I recommend her unhesitatingly.

December 19, 2012
— Elizabeth Bruce, Community Arts Producer, CentroNia (colleague)
Beverlie has a keen eye and produces beautiful work. I highly recommend her.

December 20, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Stephen Skinner (client)